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Precast Concrete Walls
Precast concrete walls and custom fence panel systems by Permacast Walls are used in energy, critical infrastructure, CIP-014 assets, data storage centers, public works, industrial, residential, transportation, government, and commercial projects. Our concrete plant manufactures, sells, and ships our precast concrete wall products and custom fence panel systems anywhere in the United States.
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Quality Since 2006
Since 2006, the concrete contractors at Permacast Walls have worked closely with engineers, architects, builders, developers, and construction companies to supply them with what they need to efficiently complete their projects on time. Our goal is to make the installation process of our precast concrete wall and fence products as seamless as possible from concept to completion.
Precast Concrete Wall Contractors
Custom Fence Systems
Permacast Walls manufactures precast concrete walls and fence panel systems for construction projects that need residential sound abatement walls, highway noise barrier walls, ballistic walls, flood walls, perimeter fence walls, security walls, privacy walls, boundary fence walls, utility walls, substation security walls, hurricane walls, and precast concrete walls for transportation, physical grid security, and infrastructure.

Precast Concrete Products

Precast Concrete Boundary Walls

Ballistic Walls

Ballistic precast concrete walls for electric substations, oil, gas, and energy assets, critical infrastructure protection (CIP-014), data storage centers, and physical security (UL 752 Level 8 & 10 Ballistic Walls)

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Boundary Walls

Boundary Fence Wall

Precast boundary fence walls and concrete fence panel systems to help designate and secure boundary lines. Boundary fence walls are available in a variety of custom finishes and textures for any application

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Security Walls

Combination Walls

A combination of different precast concrete wall systems. For example, a retaining wall system as a foundation with a 60-foot tall ballistic wall system stacked on top of the precast retaining wall system

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Data Center Walls by Permacast Walls

Data Center Walls

Custom precast concrete walls for data storage centers, including data storage center substation walls for enterprise, hyperscale, container, modular, edge, and multi-tenant data centers

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Noise Barrier Walls

Highway noise barrier wall panel systems for sound mitigation and noise abatement. Approved for DOT use in the United States

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Decorative Precast Concrete Walls

Perimeter Walls

Perimeter walls and custom precast concrete perimeter wall systems to enclose property in any type of application

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Permacast precast concrete fence - Permawall

Hurricane Fence

Custom hurricane fence walls to withstand wind force and debris. Perfect for coastal communities and low laying areas

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Precast Concrete Walls Texas


Patent pending sound abatement walls by Permacast with exclusive noise absorptive technology (Solar options coming soon)

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Pablo Cove Jacksonville, Florida 1.0 brick

PermaWall 1.0

Efficiency, durability, and affordability make PermaWall 1.0 the go to precast wall for home owner associations and developers

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Noise Barrier Panels

PermaWall 2.0

PermaWall 2.0 is one of Permacast’s most popular, requested, and installed custom precast concrete wall products

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Precast Concrete PermaFence

Precast Wall Systems

Custom precast concrete wall systems for high security, privacy, highway, hurricane, energy, and perimeter fence applications

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Perimeter Walls

Privacy Walls

Privacy walls and custom precast concrete privacy wall panel systems for the ultimate in security, aesthetics, and durability

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precast concrete retaining wall systems

Retaining Walls

Retaining walls and custom retaining wall panel systems to support different types of loads including soil, rocks, and earth

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Security Fence

Security Walls

Security walls and precast concrete fencing products for any physical security level, including critical infrastructure protection (CIP-014), electrical substations, data storage centers, and government facilities

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Retaining Wall Construction

Sound Barrier Fence

Sound barrier reflective fence panel systems for noise abatement including residential and DOT applications

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Precast Concrete Security Fences

Utility Wall Panels

Utility wall panels for government, industrial, commercial, residential, and public works projects across the US

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Precast Concrete Walls & Custom Fence Systems By Permacast

Innovative Precast Concrete Wall Systems
Established in 2006, Permacast Walls is the go-to concrete contractor for energy companies, data centers, developers, civil engineers, critical infrastructure planners, and architects looking for affordable precast concrete fence panel systems. Precast concrete fencing and wall products by Permacast Walls are available in various textures and sizes for applications including level 10 ballistic walls, noise abatement walls, perimeter walls, sound walls, utility walls, high-security walls, and custom precast wall systems.
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``Simplicity is the concept. Affordability is the result.``- The Permacast Walls Philosophy
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